Thursday, October 14, 2010


Everything in life is a circle, and has a particular cycle..
For instance, is there anyone in your life you have come full circle with?
Example: You meet someone and by the time you have known each other one year you have become the best of friends, dated, broken up and now do not speak to each other and it's almost like you never met?
You came full circle during that...wait for's also a...wait for it again...change.

Everything in life is always CHANGing, which is a CYCLE, in the CIRCLE of life.

Think c3 doesn't affect you?

I bet I'd be able to find a way it does in two seconds flat.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Homecoming game :)
SEPTEMBER 24, 2010!

Homecoming 2010
Me and my best friend Peyton (the one on the right)

What if I changed my name...

Summer Knight...
get it?

All About Me :)

Hey guys!
I'm Shelby-Marie!
I am a Senior in High School, THEATRE  is my life! I am currently cast as Lucy in the New Musical 13!
I love life and really want to become a film actress!
I'm really spontaneous and often sarcastic but, I promise I'm fun :)
I love making new friends so, you should follow me :)